August 6, 2017

      A cute little red, white and blue burrito at the pool today!

      August 7, 2017

      Carter is FINALLY letting me take his picture again, so when we were golfing and he suggested it, I jumped on it. I don’t understand how he has gotten this big either.

      August 8, 2017

      JUMP! We met up with Bryna, Lilly and their cousin at the pool today and the kids had a blast jumping in together. (And it is still smoky from the wildfires)

      August 9, 2017

      And here we are … crappy phone photo, but we haven’t all been in a picture together in forever.

      August 10, 2017

      Glad to be home so he built a lego tower and gave me crazy eyes (and retainer). Another crappy phone photo…

      August 11, 2017

      Jeremy finally got to go to the Taste of Bear Creek and take a hot air balloon ride with the kids.

      August 12, 2017

      We headed out to Copalis Beach with the Olson’s for the weekend. There were so many good photos to choose from, but this was my favorite because of the unusual framing with the fog and the reflections. The boys had a great time playing!