August 20, 2017

      Baby Josephine’s first birthday sure did get here quick! Here is our youngest family member in all her cuteness. And all those teeth!

      August 21, 2017

      When you walked outside, you could feel the temperature drop. Looking around seemed like you had sunglasses on because everything was so dark. Where we were located, we only got a partial eclipse, not the full one, but it was stunning nonetheless. We were lucky enough to borrow eclipse glasses and put them over my Fuji camera lens to get this shot.

      August 22, 2017

      <No photo today>

      August 23, 2017

      Gavin had a perler bead project this morning and tolerated me getting some nice backlight behind him.

      August 24, 2017

      So THAT is where all my tomatoes have gone! I wondered why it seemed like they weren’t producing much this year. Guess next year I add netting around the tomato cage.

      August 25, 2017

      Look who is ready for some football! Got to hang out with these cuties for the Seahawks game today.

      August 26, 2017

      Summer is a great time to find all sorts of bugs in our garden. Today they are of the green leggy variety that probably eats all my flowers.