September 3, 2017

      I don’t know where I got my smile…

      September 4, 2017

      We invited the entire first grade class and the third grade EAP class to our house for a Back to School BBQ – it was the perfect way to end the summer. We got to catch up with all our friends before school chaos hit. I only got set up photos of this day – with 70+ people, I found myself running around and socializing instead of with my camera. I am okay with that :)

      September 5, 2017

      The fires have been terrible around us. We woke up this morning and ash had covered everything and the sun was this glorious bright orangey-red due to all the pollution and ash/haze in the sky. This was taken in the late afternoon as the sun started dipping towards the horizon.

      September 6, 2017

      First day of school. Pretty accurate look too – the third grader barely tolerating me and the first grader nervous and giddy with excitement.

      September 7, 2017

      <<No photo today … was too busy enjoying time to myself now that the kids are back in school>>

      September 8, 2017

      Over the summer a new boy moved into the neighborhood at the end of our street. Within weeks we found a bunch more. Now we have a biker gang riding around and it is awesome! <and sorry for the crappy phone photo!>

      September 9, 2017

      The last BBQ of the season! We hosted our neighborhood summer BBQ this year and loved catching up with everyone.



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