September 17, 2017

      There was some gorgeous golden light coming through the window this morning, so I played with the framing a bit to get this shot.

      September 18, 2017

      Molbaks in the fall has some really fun harvest decorations out.

      September 19, 2017

      Today was a big day for my friend Bryna – her youngest finally started preschool and she is tasting the freedom of both kids in school! We celebrated with coffee and pastries at The French Bakery this morning.

      September 20, 2017

      When you break in a pair of shoes for your bridesmaid dress, you might as well bust out the wicked witch socks that are thick to channel some Wizard of Oz.

      September 21, 2017

      Carter: Mom, take my picture. Me: Okay (trying not to laugh at how he is draped across the orthodontist chair while I take his photo)

      September 22, 2017

      You know you have a great friend when you share a shoe addiction…

      September 23, 2017

      I guess Gavin is saving some of that dessert for later?