First off, thanks to Jeremy for inspiring me on the name of this years project. :)

      Day 1 | January 1st

      The weather was slightly dry, so I took the drone out to capture the boys roller skating. They have logged countless hours skating up and down our street.

      Day 2 | January 2nd

      These two continue to crack me up. Gavin and his best friend Carter J seriously try to meld into each other at any opportunity.

      Day 3 | January 3rd

      We saw almost 55 degrees today and decided to get out of the house. We headed to Grasslawn park and met up with some friends where a friendly game of football ensued. Caught this great action shot!

      Day 4 | January 4th

      Trying to keep the kids occupied for the last few days prior to school starting. It isn’t easy when video games have been removed from our house indefinitely. They boys have really started enjoying the foosball table to pass the time.

      Day 5 | January 5th

      This kid. He is such a great athlete and plays soccer a lot like his mama!
      A series for today: First photo was impeccable form for a free kick, second is when he took a gorgeous shot off balance and scored, the last two are him cutting through two people to head up field.

      Day 6 | January 6th

      First day back to school, so when they got home there was zero bickering the rest of the night – even through a game of Monopoly. I think they missed each other. ❤️

      Day 7 | January 7th

      After seeing an article on some fun photos taken with a crystal ball, I decided up my creativity game and order one to play with. Fast forward to Carter doing his homework tonight – the only way he would let me take his photo was if I used it. I had a different image that put him right-side-up, but Jeremy veto’d it and picked this one instead. Still trying to figure out angle and focusing with it, but not too bad for a first try!




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