Day 64 | March 4th

      Trying to kick a soccer ball thrown at them on a swing. Uhhh…. missed. ⚽️

      Day 65 | March 5th

      Playing peek-a-boo while I was doing dishes 🐈

      Day 66 | March 6th

      And so it begins. Our entire school district closed its doors for 14 days in response to the Corona Virus. I set up our dining room with laptops and supplies and Carter had his first online meeting today to test out zoom meetings. It worked well, but it is going to be interesting having all four of us home and trying to be productive (Jeremy is working remotely now also). Patience will take a whole new meaning for the next two weeks… 📚 🍷

      Day 67 | March 7th

      Kicking off March birthday Madness with Chris!! Welcome to the birthday fray – was awesome celebrating and rocking the escape room with you guys! Cheers to many more birthday celebrations!! 🍻🎂🎉

      Day 68 | March 8th

      Grandma and Grandpa are finally home after their 2 month vacation to Florida! Welcome back to Corona Virus Land :(

      Day 69 | March 9th

      Our first day of “Cloud Learning” or what I like to refer to as the tenth circle of hell. One bonus – Mazy is happy that PE includes taking her for a walk!

      Day 70 | March 10th

      We finally got into a groove with e-learning. Now we are in a holding pattern until they figure out how to standardize it across all the districts. *sigh*



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