Day 71 | March 11th

      Everything is shutting down. All the kids sports are cancelled. Any appointment that can be done remotely is. It is a bit surreal trying to grasp the rapid changes to our lives.

      So here is a view from above – the boys were on the trampoline, the Japanese Maple is still bare. We want to see signs of spring – growth and life … but it just isn’t quite there yet. Sadly fitting for today.


      All schools in King, Snohomish and Pierce counties are closed through April 27th. I saw a number that this impacts 600,000 students. We are fortunate that our district mobilized quickly and got all our students set up with laptops and mobile hot spots so we could continue school remotely. I believe most don’t have the resources to do this. Not sure what the next month and a half holds for us here, but hoping that this slows the virus down.

      Day 72 | March 12th

      Trying to find sunny colors these days to brighten up our lives. Glad spring is coming.

      Day 73 | March 13th

      Life still needs to keep up some normalcy- we made a cake for dad’s birthday. 🎂

      Day 74 | March 14th

      Celebrated Jeremy’s birthday with a small handful of people incredibly important to us. Missed seeing everyone else that we love, but in light of these times, this number felt like it was pushing it. We have all been self quarantining and staying home as much as we can, so this felt like an extra special treat.

      Day 75 | March 15th

      A view from above – one of my favorite parts of our yard. Spring cleaning will commence this next week, but here the pond is in its algae glory.

      Day 76 | March 16th

      Supporting our local businesses by ordering take out for dinner tonight. I have never seen so few cars in the wine district, made my heart hurt.

      Day 77 | March 17th

      Found a new street to walk along that had some amazing photo ops! This was one of my favs – used my Lensbaby Velvet 56.