Day 78 | March 18th

      Pond cleaning day. It’s so disgusting after the fall and winter. Before/After/still filling it up late at night.

      Day 79 | March 19th

      First day of spring and we saw some gorgeous sunshine ☀️

      Day 80 | March 20th

      Happy 9th Birthday to Gavin!
      You make me laugh so much. The crazy faces you can pull, the funny things that you say and do and the love that you give all of us. We are so lucky to have you in our lives and I CANNOT BELIEVE that you are in your last single digit year!

      I am so proud of you for making the best of these circumstances when I know you just want to celebrate with your buddies.

      Day 81 | March 21st

      Got Crazy Mazy to pose during this beautiful Spring day. Enjoying the weather as much as we can right now!

      Day 82 | March 22nd

      Sending huge thanks to the Suttons for sending the perfect birthday gifts for our boys! Remote control cars are the best when you have to practice social distancing ❤

      Day 83 | March 23rd

      Capturing the signs of spring on our new daily walks.

      Day 84 | March 24th

      How in the world are you eleven today? It seemed like yesterday our lives were joyously transformed with your arrival. Happy birthday to one of the most passionate, funny, loving kids ever. I love our conversations and our special time together each week – you have definitely matured out of “kid” and into tween.