Day 85 | March 25th

      Virtual happy hour with some of our favorite people ❤

      Day 86 | March 26th

      <Zoom in to read the photo> Gavin and his best friend Carter can’t spend time together, so they started dropping off comic books they made for each other 🤣 The first page dedications are THE BEST (the one on the left is from Carter J, the one on the right is Gavins response to him)

      Day 87 | March 27th


      I wasn’t going to post this, cause it isn’t really a great photograph. But it is important for documenting our lives.

      We are preparing to say goodbye to the first car Jeremy and I bought together. We shopped for it on our honeymoon (it was a brand new model at the time). We purchased it knowing we would be starting a family and we were going to need the room.

      We brought both boys home from the hospital in this car. We made countless road trips, we explored the PNW and there was plenty of laughter and tears in it.

      I coached multiple soccer teams for years, shuttling boys back and forth in this car. The smell from them in the last year was enough to make me want to strap them to the roof rack 🤣

      So we planned ahead. Knowing she would need expensive work in the next year or two, we ordered a new car that was still supposed to be years from production at the time. And with the corona virus, we thought that would push it out longer. But we got a pleasant surprise instead.

      So now we are saying goodbye to this old girl. I know it is just a car, but the boys both had complete breakdowns when they realized we wouldn’t have her anymore. It was sad, but also time. ❤
      So in Marie Kondo fashion: thank you for your service 🙏 You were solid, wonderful and you served our family well.

      Day 88 | March 28th

      Well hullo there…
      So excited for my new ride! Help me figure out a name! You all know you have nothing more pressing to do during quarantine 🤣 Please leave suggestions in the comments.
      So we are among the first to receive the Tesla Model Y deliveries in our area. And this means we have transitioned to an all electric household (Jeremy has a model 3). And I was thoroughly impressed by Tesla’s ability to do a social distance hand off – we had someone helping us, from 6 feet away so everyone could stay safe.
      And while both kids sobbed for a long time over the loss of the highlander, they sure got over their sadness fast when they took their first ride and got thrown into their seatback when we accelerated (we got the dual motor version, not the performance, and it still packs a punch!!)🤣🤣 🚘
      And I really love that we now have something fun that we could focus on. Even if my driving has been reduced by 90% right now.

      Day 89 | March 29th

      We have been trying to walk daily during our quarantine (we luckily live in an area where we can easily maintain distance). If we take a longer loop, we let the boys ride their bikes. Every time they do that, they ditch us on the last stretch home. Today I didn’t care – I have been chasing this pocket of light on every walk for months now. I FINALLY had willing subjects that listened to directions on where to stand 😁 Calling that a win!

      Day 90 | March 30th

      Day 1 of remote school v2 for our district. Gavin read one of the Gregor the Overlander series books for an hour and said he was done for the day. Not sure how much the boys will be getting out of v2 🤷‍♀️ At least they got to see their friends in their morning Zoom meeting that can only happen every other day. We will try to make the best of it!

      Day 91 | March 31st

      About a week ago I walked into our kitchen floor covered with water. Our dishwasher broke and given the orders to stay away from each other/shut down non essential business, I have not been able to find a repair person. So this is my view every evening after I hand wash all our dinner dishes as the light outside fades.



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