Day 92 | April 1st

      Remote piano lessons, complete with mismatched PJs. Because, why bother getting dressed? 😅

      Day 93 | April 2nd

      Rock hopping. Another way to fight boredom.

      Day 94 | April 3rd

      Morning split light of the preteen.

      Day 95 | April 4th

      Quarantine Quiz : Trivia night with our friends!

      It’s a terrible photo, but such an awesome memory and fun time!

      Day 96 | April 5th

      Spring cleaning. The patio and flagstones got a nice pressure washing – I got a lot of dirt all over me.

      Day 97 | April 6th

      A sparkling rose to take the edge off the news that we are now remote schooling for the rest of this school year. 🥂 😩
      BUT. I am glad they called it – it is absolutely the right thing to do.
      And just gonna point out that we FINALLY have some sunshine in the PNW!

      Day 98 | April 7th

      A run with the dog.