Day 99 | April 8th

      This. This is why you need to stay home.

      These are my parents. My dad has been battling prostate cancer for 25 years. He has been in experimental trials out of Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and his immune system is gone. If he gets Covid-19, he will not recover.

      My parents have been in full lock down quarantine since the beginning of March. I deliver groceries to them, leaving them in their motorhome. The groceries stay there for several days before my mom goes and retrieves them. They are doing everything they possibly can to keep my dad from getting sick. And thankfully they are staying safe and healthy, but we still need everyone else to do their part.

      Day 100 | April 9th

      A rare sunny and warm day here in the PNW! Gavs decided it was sprinkler time 💦🔫

      Day 101 | April 10th

      I never noticed this pocket of morning light that streams through an east facing window and onto our staircase until today. I grabbed my little model to take a backlit photo and glad that I am slowed down enough to notice these days ❤️

      Day 102 | April 11th

      We broke down and bought the boys a PlayStation so they could game online with their friends. After their chores are done, after their school work is finished and after I am satisfied that they have earned it by not being monsters all day long. Guessing they will barely be able to play each day 🤣🤣

      Day 103 | April 12th

      Easter morning. I have a photo of them in this spot every year … Pretty soon they are going to have to stagger steps to fit!

      Day 104 | April 13th

      Back to remote school this week and it has been a really rough transition. For kids who struggle with change, it has been impossible to find a routine when:
      🔹Your district implements remote schooling for one week, the first in the country to do so
      🔹You have to take a two week “pause” so the district can sort things out because they implemented so quickly it wasn’t equitable
      🔹You go back for one week where you don’t really “have” to do anything and there are now only three mornings of instruction
      🔹Then it is Spring Break for a week, where you learn you won’t be physically going back to school again for this school year
      🔹And now we are at this week, where he learned that his mom says he actually “has” to do all the suggested school work, because this is our new normal.
      It is hard to be a kid through all of this and it is good to remember they are struggling just as much with trying to find their stride. And I try to dig deep and find the patience and understanding to help them find their way, even when I may not know mine. But by the end of the day, I feel you buddy.

      Day 105 | April 14th

      Why do your math inside when it is sunny and gorgeous outside? 🌞
      And of course he couldn’t do this at beautiful golden hour … Had to be harsh noon sunshine 😅