Day 106 | April 15th

      Sure sign of Spring = my plum tree blossoms!

      Day 107 | April 16th

      The boys were outside playing on a beautiful sunny day. They saw me with my camera and scattered. I convinced this guy to go back and pose and this is the face I got. 🤷🤣

      Day 108 | April 17th

      Using my Lensbaby to find inspiration in my garden

      Day 109 | April 18th

      That *almost* photo. We had the first fire in our patio table tonight. Tried to get it reflected in Jeremy’s lenses, but I had on my manual focus lensbaby and could not see the reflection through my view finder for some reason 🤷 So here is the only photo I got – partial reflection and a learning experience.

      Day 110 | April 19th

      When it is getting late outside, but they are not ready to come in yet…

      Day 111 | April 20th

      Lines, shapes & juxtaposition – I was drawn to this POV to explore how to utilize those elements more. Juxtaposition wasn’t as clear because my 9 yr olds feet have grown 🤣

      Day 112 | April 21st

      Subject today is observations in light. I don’t often get this guy as a willing subject, so when he said he would help, I jumped on it to practice framed backlight.
      I still struggle with him being 11 – at times he looks and acts so much older. Then he shows me he still isn’t ready to let go of being a little kid (which I am JUST FINE with!). And while quarantine days can be rough on all of us, I really am thankful for the time with him. I just did a count “for fun” and it has been 51 days since his last day in school. That blows my mind 🤯