Day 113 | April 22nd

      Finding color on rainy Spring days. Gavin pulled out the pearler beads to create some fun gifts to give to his buddies that he is missing. ❤️

      Day 114 | April 23rd

      Found a trillium in front of our wood pile.

      Day 115 | April 24th

      Lensbaby with the geraniums

      Day 116 | April 25th

      A little get away that led to Gavs making a new friend 🐶🐾

      Day 117 | April 26th

      Discussing all the important things in life … video games 😂

      Day 118 | April 27th

      When you are a little boy in a big world and you just want to hang with your friends – you set up social distance chairs along the trail. ❤️

      Day 119 | April 28th

      Picking a path…
      Through the finally weeded out pumpkin patch. Pumpkins to be planted soon 🎃