Day 120 | April 29th

      I spy an unusual visitor.

      Day 121 | April 30th

      Piano continues on 🎶🎵🎶

      Day 122 | May 1st

      Found a fun little friend in the garden today. Such a huge noise out of this little guy.

      Day 123 | May 2nd

      A social distance portrait shoot with my gorgeous niece Nikki – she was the perfect model for an assignment I had while taking the class The Mindful Approach. As one of the many seniors in high school this year, she has missed so many end of year activities. I am so proud of her (and all the seniors) for taking things in stride and moving forward with purpose. ❤️

      Day 124 | May 3rd

      Clearly he is ready for a haircut ✂️

      Day 125 | May 4th

      These two have been spending most afternoons roller skating/scootering around our street and cul de sac. Every so often they take a break and have to chat about whatever pretend game they are playing or video games. Glad they have each other right now ❤️

      Day 126 | May 5th

      Found this little guy hopping around in the grass while I was weeding today. He was so tiny that I thought he may have fallen out of the birdhouse too early 😳 I watched him all afternoon, then put some gloves on and scooped him up, putting him back in the birdhouse in the evening. I didn’t think he would make it over night. The one good thing about being late posting my images is that I found him fluttering through our yard in big jump-hops a few days later! So glad he made it ❤️❤️



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