Day 127 | May 6th

      Roller skating on home – glad the boys are spending so much time outside in the afternoons ❤️

      Day 128 | May 7th

      The quiet moments feel important right now ❤️

      Day 129 | May 8th

      An unusually warm Spring night where we finally busted out the marshmallows. 🔥

      Day 130 | May 9th

      Our neighborhood created a chalk sensory path from driveway to driveway where you could walk thru forests, play games, see some gardens which were all draw with chalk on the ground. It was so much fun and such a great idea! Gavin worked on a lake with stepping stones through it in our cul de sac. ❤️

      Day 131 | May 10th

      The other frog – found this little guy when I was weeding out in the yard. Scared me half to death when something came flying out at me!

      Day 132 | May 11th

      My husband says that he doesn’t see me in April and May. It is the busiest time in the yard where I am trying to weed out all the garden beds and then plant the hundreds of flowers, veggies and herbs each year. It’s a labor of love for me and is especially important this year where we are stuck home.

      Day 133 | May 12th

      Quiet light ❤️



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