Day 148 | May 27th

      New landscape lighting in the backyard! Bought one set to light the trees along one side of the yard, loved it so much that I bought two more for the rest of it.

      Day 149 | May 28th

      I spied a Pied Piper dancing along the deck…

      Day 150 | May 29th

      My favorite morning spot for a cup of coffee and quiet to start the day. ☕☀️

      Day 151 | May 30th

      The day we went on a walk, specifically timed in between rain showers, and learned the weather forecast on my phone is crap 🤣🌧️

      Day 152 | May 31th

      Cookie Makin’ Time 🍪

      Day 153 | June 1st

      Spyder Ball!

      Day 154 | June 2nd

      Kitty Snuggles 🐈🐾



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