Day 162 | June 10th

      Guess you find any pillow that will do? 🤷

      Day 163 | June 11th

      How hanging with friends looks these days. I don’t get it, but I am done fighting it.

      Day 164 | June 12th

      Plum blossoms 🌸

      Day 165 | June 13th

      Social Distance ditch jumping to pass the time.

      Day 166 | June 14th

      So close to finishing this crazy dirt pile!

      Day 167 | June 15th

      Starting to feel like summer nights:
      Outdoor party lights on ✔️
      Fire pit going ✔️
      S’mores galores ✔️

      Day 168 | June 16th

      The ongoing battle with devices… 📱



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