Day 169 | June 17th

      They would meld into the same person if they could – these two besties could not love each other more ❤️ So much so that Gavin went on a WALK in order to meet up with Carter J faster 🤣

      Day 170 | June 18th

      The day the dirt pile was finished! 🥵

      Day 171 | June 19th

      The last day of school. We watched the assembly on Zoom and it was bittersweet for my fifth grader who is now moving to middle school. I was sad that he missed out on so many end of year traditions, but he is excited to start the next chapter in his education. Summer can now officially begin! 📚🌞⛱️

      Day 172 | June 20th

      Carter decided last minute that he didn’t want to participate in his fifth grade parade so his awesome Aunt, Uncle and cousins brought the parade to him! Made me cry and he was so touched by their thoughtfulness ❤️ On to Middle School!

      Day 173 | June 21st

      Fathers day portrait of my dad ❤️

      Day 174 | June 22nd

      First sleep over of the summer and we taught Carter J how to play Clue 🔍

      Day 175 | June 23rd

      It was super hot so we braved Lake Sammamish State Park. It was more crowded than we expected, but still less crowded than normal. Today it was announced that masks must be worn in public. And the day I decided to buy a paddle board to get away from the crowds. ⛱️ In the meantime, these two have been inseparable ❤️