Day 176 | June 24th

      I made poor Chris blind while I got this photo – the light was perfect! 😎

      Day 177| June 25th

      Another missed day…


      Day 178 | June 26th

      I didn’t take a photo today, so here is one from Gavin’s birthday that I didn’t post.

      Day 179 | June 27th

      We waited probably one year too long to pressure wash and stain our deck. It was gross 😱

      Day 180 | June 28th

      And the pressure washing continues…

      Day 181 | June 29th

      All that work was worth it. I forgot how pretty tigerwood is.

      Day 182 | June 30th

      Yup, they still are trying to meld into the same person. Cracks me up that they unintentionally wear similar colors constantly 🤣



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