Day 183 | July 1st

      The dirt pile is done, yard is planted, now time to try to get back into the routine of walking. It is hard to tell at this angle, but this hill is and 270’+ elevation gain in maybe a third of a mile? Locals know it as heart attack hill 🀣

      Day 184 | July 2nd

      Just chilling with the cat 😸🐾

      Day 185 | July 3rd

      What our summer seems to look like. Except this room finally got cleaned up.

      Day 186 | July 4th

      I didn’t get any awesome fireworks shots this year, but I did get a handful just as it was getting dark. First one is my favorite girl Callie … The lone girl in a very small gathering full of boys ❀️ Second is all about learning how to light the fireworks safely … Though it’s debatable because Chris is instructing!

      Day 187 | July 5th

      We FINALLY had four dry days in a row forecast so that we could stain the deck. It looks AMAZING 😍 Worth all that work!

      Day 188 | July 6th

      I was messing around and Gavin was trying to duck so I wouldn’t take his picture … But he had to get a paper towel so I caught him anyway.

      Day 189 | July 7th

      A friendly game of spoons after dinner πŸ₯„