Day 190 | July 8th

      Two of the three frequent shoppers that come through my garden a few times a week. They are cute, but eat EVERYTHING and I always chase them away!

      Day 191 | July 9th

      Apparently I needed some help with figuring out my tasks to do today… 🤣😸

      Day 192 | July 10th

      My solo weekend to visit a friend started with a hike to Wallace Falls. Nine different waterfalls and almost 6 miles round trip all by myself – it filled my soul back up.

      Day 193 | July 11th

      My first experience out in public since March at a restaurant/tasting room. It was surreal. Lots of space between tables, masks, outdoors … But the view was still lovely as clouds rolled in.

      Day 194 | July 12th

      We took a day trip over the mountains in April and I snapped this view. It’s the same view (minus the snow and plus more leaves) that could be seen as I made my way home in July.

      Day 195 | July 13th

      I didn’t take a photo today, so I thought it would be fun to share another of my niece Nikki.

      Day 196 | July 14th

      Gavs keeps trying to convince Mazy she is a pillow. 🐶