Day 197 | July 15th

      Backyard moments of quiet.

      Day 198 | July 16th

      Clearly it is 5pm … Ish
      🤣 🥂

      Day 199 | July 17th

      I spy someone grocery shopping in my yard again.

      Day 200 | July 18th

      Apparently even the cat has gotten to level 10 of boredom during covid. New past time … Whap the clock. 🤷 🤣

      Day 201 | July 19th

      I have not been so great about photos in July … So something fun from May! We ran into the horse pulling a buggy from the early 1900s in our neighborhood.

      Day 202 | July 20th

      A random country driveway that I spied on a drive.

      Day 203 | July 21st

      He loves it when I randomly shove a camera in his face while he is trying to work 🤣