Snow, sports and fun games this week!

      Day 15 | January 15th

      The sun was rising and kissing the tops of the trees this morning. With all the snow, you could not have had a prettier sight.

      Day 16 | January 16th

      Where two kitties watch the snow fall.

      Day 17 | January 17th

      Friday night’s.
      Most adults are carting their kids around, watching them play sports. Friday night’s are mine. I drag my kids to watch ME play soccer. So happy to be back on the pitch again and holy soreness after way too long of a break!

      Day 18 | January 18th

      A very intense basketball game that went into overtime where the boys lost by one point. So proud of these kids for playing hard! (Gavs is in blue and just shot the ball)

      Day 19 | January 19th

      How I wanted to spend my whole day… Trying very hard to get in front of the lens more this year and saw this nice pocket of light from my only west facing window downstairs. Didn’t matter that I was in my workout clothes. Didn’t matter that I hadn’t showered. There was a pocket of light that needed to be taken advantage of and let’s be real – if I waited to be put together I would NEVER get any photos!!

      Day 20 | January 20th

      After ten days and 36 hours of travel, Jeremy finally made it home. The boys tried to keep him awake with logic puzzles so the jet lag adjustment wasn’t so rough. And we are so thankful to have him home.

      Day 21 | January 21st




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