Day 204 | July 22nd

      This face. He was moving around, trying to dodge me. I caught him and his cuteness.

      Day 205 | July 23rd

      Lots of popsicles these days. And this one is way overdue for a haircut. ✂️✂️

      Day 206 | July 24th

      Since beaches are crowded we bought two paddle boards to take out. It has been so much fun going to the middle of a lake and just swimming around for a few hours. I have been able to manage with three boys by myself by attaching one with two kids to pull and putting the third kid on mine. Boys are having an absolute blast! I am wondering if underwater housing for my big camera is worth the expense now …

      Day 207 | July 25th

      Because you expect to see a random helicopter when you are out walking?!? 🤷

      Day 208 | July 26th

      Back on the paddle boards again, getting some peaceful quiet time.

      Day 209 | July 27th

      That face.
      We went out for ice cream – first time taking the boys somewhere ‘restauranty’ since covid hit.

      Day 210 | July 28th

      Learning to shuffle!