Day 211 | July 29th

      The joys of home ownership … New gutters getting installed today to be ready for the rains of the PNW.

      Day 212 | July 30th

      FINALLY got the boys haircuts after almost five months 😳✂️💇‍♂️ The amount of hair cut off their head could have amounted to a small animal 😳💇‍♂️
      I still am thrown when I see how much older Carter is looking in photos these days.

      Day 213 | July 31st

      I snuck into the cacoon to read a book this afternoon. Here was my view of the garden as I slowly rotated around in the wind

      Day 214 | August 1st

      Two of my favorite people ❤️

      Day 215 | August 2nd

      Not Parent Approved. Our latest card game that makes everyone laugh!

      Day 216| August 3rd

      We did a hike – covid style with masks while on the trail – to Cherry Creek Falls. Carter accidently slipped in the water which led to all the boys jumping in and swimming. Perfect summer day ❤️

      Day 217 | August 4th

      No Photo Today.