Day 218 | August 5th

      Here is a small part of my garden, in its colorful glory.

      Day 219 | August 6th

      No Photo Today.


      Day 220 | August 7th

      Soccer started so different this year. We have pods of five kids in different quadrants on the field, they have to stay six feet away from each other, plus all sorts of other protocols. As a coach, it is tough trying to find fun activities for the boys to do that isn’t scrimmaging. I am really pushing my creativity these days.

      Here is Gavs, working on his dribbling skills at a practice.

      Day 221 | August 8th

      Lots of walks these days.

      Day 222 | August 9th

      A new game to get them off their devices 🃏

      Day 223 | August 10th

      Summertime means hot air balloons and this one went right over our house!

      Day 224 | August 11th

      Early summertime fog in the garden