This week was a rough one for taking daily photos. I took a handful on separate days, but managed to miss over half this week.

      Day 225 | August 12th

      No Photo Today.

      Day 226 | August 13th

      Summer nights in the backyard with our quarantine pod ❤️

      Day 227 | August 14th

      A social distanced photo shoot with my favorite photog friend Kelly – how I love her girls dresses and beautiful red hair, even more so with setting sun backlight. Photographing girls is SO different than boys!!

      Day 228 | August 15th

      No Photo Today.

      Day 229 | August 16th

      hat time we went to Lake Kachess to paddle board and there was no parking and we had to slide down a hill to get to the lake … With four paddle boards, four inflatable tubes, four adults, four kids and food/drinks for the day. There was a bloody knee, a decent tantrum, a nap in the tube, lots of paddling, swimming, laughter and fun too. The lake was GORGEOUS, it was super hot and a great way to cool off. While getting to the lake was rough, no one wanted to leave. Overall it was a doozy!

      Day 230 | August 17th

      No Photo Today.

      Day 231 | August 18th

      No Photo Today.