Day 232 | August 19th

      Um, comfy?

      Day 233 | August 20th

      Good bye dining room furniture. We had a good run, but school is about to start up soon and this needs to be office space.

      Day 234 | August 21st

      Nope. I was wrong. This is comfy.

      Day 235 | August 22nd

      Happy 18th birthday to my gorgeous niece Nikki! We had a very small outdoor gathering to celebrate her birthday and high school graduation this year. We thought by the end of August things would be opening back up and she would be heading off to live in a dorm at UW. Unfortunately for most academic institutes in Washington, it’s a no-go 😕 So impressed by how all my nieces and nephews are handling these curve balls, especially at such large transition points in their lives. ❤️

      Day 236 | August 23rd

      They can’t wait until they can finally be roommates. Cause they would live together forever now if we let them 🤣

      Day 237 | August 24th

      Gavin’s eyes are half closed – I will take this over the crazy face he had in the ten other photos I took. These two boys ❤️ If they could meld into each other they would be so happy ❤️

      Day 238 | August 25th

      More summertime hot air balloons…