Day 239 | August 26th

      The Dybala gear we ordered in March for Carter’s birthday FINALLY made it!

      Day 240 | August 27th

      The dining room is now empty and ready to be transformed into an office. So why wouldn’t you slide along the empty floor to enjoy the nothingness?!?

      Day 241 | August 28th

      Our first trip since February. We went Yurt camping at Kayak Point – the first time the boys have ever done any sort of camping outside of my parents motorhome. We met up with four other families and explored the beach, took a grumpy portrait, skateboarded and cooked over an open fire. And we all had a blast!

      Day 242 | August 29th

      Morning of camping: watching the sunrise through the trees, a cup of coffee, climbing on the tree outside the yurt and hiking down to the beach.

      Beach combing where we find baby crabs, write names in the sand then card games at lunch and the tween finally let me take his photo 🤣

      We went on a hike, watched some fishing, swam in the sound, made some amazing steak with veggies & bacon mac-n-cheese over the fire and then hung out by the campfire. An all-around awesome day!

      Day 243 | August 30th

      Happy birthday to my oldest brother – glad we got to see you for a bit today!

      Day 244 | August 31th

      We found where the hot air balloons launch on our way home from soccer practice!!

      Day 245 | September 1st

      Making sure that everything is up and ready for the first day of school.