Day 246 | September 2nd

      First day of 6th grade and first day of 4 the grade. Not at all how we imagined Carter going to middle school, but we are working with how to deal with remote school. I ordered desks for the boys & even though they were supposed to arrive before school started, shipping delays meant we have our large folding table set up instead. Here’s to survival this year 🥂

      Day 247 | September 3rd

      PE in the afternoons while our weather is still gorgeous ❤️

      Day 248 | September 4th

      Pretty sure the dog is the biggest fan of remote school. She gets to go on a nice long walk every afternoon and Gavs runs and runs with her. 🐕

      Day 249 | September 5th

      Finally got the desks and a new rug for our new “office” – next up, a printer stand instead of a chair 🤣

      Day 250 | September 6th

      No Photo Today.


      Day 251 | September 7th

      No Photo Today.


      Day 252 | September 8th

      Our 13th anniversary. I went for a walk this morning and coughed for three days afterwards – there was so much smoke in the air. It is awful.

      We also went to a restaurant for the first time since March, celebrating at Ascend Steakhouse. The view is normally gorgeous where you can see past the city all the way to the Olympic mountains on a nice day. With all the smoke, you could barely see Seattle.

      The new restaurant protocols were great, we dined next to these fine guys. 😊