This was by far my WORST week of the year for taking photos. The air quality was terrible, we were adjusting to remote school and I didn’t have the energy in me.

      Day 253 | September 9th

      No Photo Today.

      Day 254 | September 10th

      No Photo Today.

      Day 255 | September 11th

      No Photo Today.

      Day 256 | September 12th

      Reading inside because the air quality is so bad that we are afraid to open the door at all. Soccer practices are all cancelled and the elliptical is now the go-to for getting 6k steps before they can game 🤣

      Day 257 | September 13th

      So. Much. Smoke. It is so thick you can’t even see across the trail to the trees 😩

      Day 258 | September 14th

      No Photo Today.

      Day 259 | September 15th

      Normally you can see the hillside just past the bridge. Right now all you can see is smoke. I cannot believe how bad it is out here ☹️