Day 260 | September 16th

      Starting to get into the school swing of things.

      Day 261 | September 17th

      She tolerates me sitting next to her with a camera pointed at her face for like ten minutes 不不不

      Day 262 | September 18th

      Ten days later and we FINALLY got a good rain to help clear the smoke out of the air. I have never been so happy to see it pouring 改

      Day 263 | September 19th

      This guy wanted to make shrimp scampi for dinner! It was delicious

      Day 264 | September 20th

      Some of the trees are starting to turn!

      Day 265 | September 21st

      Three of my thirteen additional “kids” – coaching soccer practices has been challenging with all the restrictions, but I always love seeing their faces 歹

      Day 266 | September 22nd

      Got some fun pumpkins out of our garden this year!!