Day 267 | September 23rd

      Our oven has only worked in convection mode since probably March. We FINALLY ordered a new one and I can now bake things without muttering curses under my breath 😁 And Jeremy was able to install it without any issues!

      Day 268 | September 24th

      My biggest pumpkin in the garden! It’s over 20lbs and has super fun warts all over it 🤣

      Day 269 | September 25th

      A little pocket of light while Gavs was reading ❤️

      Day 270 | September 26th

      Homemade pizza baked to deliciousness in the new oven!!

      Day 271 | September 27th

      6th grade science experiment. What happens to a gummy bear if it sits in water for 24hours? 🤮

      Day 272 | September 28th

      The hot air balloon landed on the fields at the end of soccer practice!

      Day 273 | September 29th

      FOG this time! Starting to feel like fall!