Day 22 | January 22nd

      So. Much. Rain. Winter in the PNW is dark. And grey. With a drizzle that can chill you to your bones. Very little sunshine and daylight. So this barren and dark wet branch sums up our weather right now.

      Day 23 | January 23rd

      This little boy loves his cat so much.

      Day 24 | January 24th

      Carter was my helper today for his classroom newsletter. And I am starting to see glimpses of the young man he is becoming.

      Day 25 | January 25th

      Phone photo for date night. We made coasters out of glass (inset photo of baby Yoda, baby Groot, heart & tic tac toe board).

      Day 26 | January 26th

      Caught some morning light on Carter during breakfast. He loves to come downstairs, wrap up in a blanket and wait as long as he can before getting ready for his day.

      Day 27 | January 27th

      This face. He slays me. Every. Single. Time.

      With the day off of school, Gavin had to come to an appointment with Carter. I found these awesome dried cattails as a background and practiced with my lensbaby velvet. This has to be my favorite photo this year!

      Day 28 | January 28th

      The struggle with homework. The boys are done by the end of their school day and to try to get them to do homework is usually a struggle. Today Carter was willing to do it and had a helper at his feet the whole time.



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