Day 274 | September 30th

      More PE walks … Told the boys they had to get 6k steps and have all their chores/homework finished before they can game each day. Smartest. Mom. Ever. 🤣

      Day 275 | October 1st

      A very fallish start to October. Leaves on the ground, fog in the air. Love this so much! ❤️

      Day 276 | October 2nd

      Happy Birthday to Cart-o, Gavin’s bestest of best friend’s. He had an awesome weekend spending as much time as possible with his bestie and came home asking when he could go back over 🤣 Happy 10th birthday to one of the coolest kids we know ❤️ Love you buddy!!

      Day 277 | October 3rd

      Our annual October tradition was a little different this year. Usually we go into Seattle and stay at a hotel and do something halloween-ish. This year we met up at McMenamins, sat outside by a fire for dinner and went home for the night. Still a lot of fun with these crazies – glad we were able to do something!!

      Day 278 | October 4th


      Day 279 | October 5th

      My entire phone gallery is filled with fourth grade math worksheets that need to be emailed to Gavin’s teacher 😳

      Day 280 | October 6th

      Crappiest phone photo, but wanted to show the salmon spawning in the creek about a mile from our house! Was so cool to see them 🐟 You can make out the fin under the large branch on the left.