Day 288 | October 14th

      Got into the mid forties so we made the first fire of the season!! 🔥

      Day 289 | October 15th

      No Photo Today.

      Day 290 | October 16th

      Another 6th grade art project.

      Day 291 | October 17th

      No Photo Today.

      Day 292 | October 18th

      No Photo Today.

      Day 293 | October 19th

      We rented a house in Moclips for a week to have a different view. The entire back side of the house is windows, with a gorgeous view of the ocean. Today it was windy and cold and Gavin lasted all of five minutes on our walk because he was freezing!

      Day 294 | October 20th

      Working backwards in our day … A beautiful sunset with a sliver of a moon, the actual sunset, our trip to the beach that included a surly preteen that lasted maybe five minutes, Crazy Mazy loved running around and Gavs and I had a fun walk with her and then the only good thing about “remote school” – we can go anywhere there is internet 😁