Day 295 | October 21st

      The sunsets over the ocean have been stunning. Today we walked on the beach, it was super windy, Gavs lost a tooth and Jeremy finished a puzzle.

      Day 296 | October 22nd

      We watched the last Trump/Biden debate as the sun set outside. A funny juxtaposition of beauty outdoors with a shit show on tv. But at least it wasn’t as bad as their first debate.

      Day 297 | October 23rd

      The one bonus of remote schooling is that we can go anywhere as long as we have internet access. And while it was a tough vacation because transitions were rocky, they were still able to do all their classes/schoolwork. Today was a nasty/rainy day, so we stayed in for it.

      Day 298 | October 24th

      It’s so hard to not post sunset photos – this view is an absolute highlight of this trip! The boys gamed for most of the day and Jeremy finished a crazy puzzle.

      Day 299 | October 25th

      Our last sunrise in Moclips. This is such a beautiful beach and was a nice get away for us. We headed home early today to beat traffic and get the transition back home taken care of. Till next time Pacific Ocean!

      Day 300 | October 26th

      Luna emotionally ate her way through our vacation day. Pretty sure she put on more weight while we were gone! She is now on a diet to try to get her back down from fatty cat to kitty cat.

      Day 301 | October 27th

      I am ready for the alien invasion!