Day 302 | October 28th

      Meet Declan the Maltipoo ❤️ My niece brought over her cute little puppy to play!

      Day 303 | October 29th

      Science at its finest: mini pumpkin launcher!!
      👨‍🔬 🎃

      Day 304 | October 30th

      “Mom! I need part of my costume for our zoom class meeting!”Glad I bought him 44 different moustaches so he had options 🤣 Getting ready for Halloween!!🎃

      Day 305 | October 31st

      Happy Halloween! It was so different this year, but we made the best of it. Mario & Luigi came out to play, as well as the cutest skeleton and soccer player around. We trick-or-treated just along our street where neighbors left out treat bags on tables. The kids came in and looked at their haul and then we played some funny games including find the M&M under whip cream with your face 🤣. My signature candy corn martini made an appearance and Mr. Bones lit up Jeremy’s office to say hello to everyone who walked up to our house. We had a blast!

      Day 306 | November 1st

      I try to take the month of November to slow down and find the little moments to be grateful for. November 1st was a lazy day for our family – the clock gave us an extra hour to lounge in our PJs, we watched football, went on a beautiful walk and that morning while I was working on getting our month organized, this pocket of light came in through the window on one of my pumpkins. I grew a lot of interesting pumpkins and ghords in the garden this year and this little guy remains as our table center piece. He has funny colors and warts and the light is very imperfect with a wonky shadow along one side … But to me it was exactly as it should be.

      Day 307 | November 2nd

      Today I am grateful that Gavs found a book series he can’t put down. This morning was spent eating his pancake mini muffins and reading before school.

      Day 308 | November 3rd

      Today I am grateful for the walks we take at lunchtime when it is not raining. Found this sun burst through the leaves of a Japanese Maple. Two days later after some good wind gusts, most of our leaves have fallen. Happy that I found this before it was blown away…