Day 309 | November 4th

      This guy is finishing up his last drawing for art this quarter. New classes are starting and it is crazy that I have a kid in Middle School 😳

      Day 310 | November 5th

      This kid is rocking his math test

      Day 311 | November 6th

      Awww Luna Lou. Your world is about to get rocked.

      Day 312 | November 7th

      I am a sucker.
      This is Zelda ❤️
      We needed something sweet and positive to focus on throughout the more-than-likely locked down winter. She fits the bill nicely and has already helped emotionally support us all. Kitten snuggles are the best. Luna isn’t so sure though 🤣

      Day 313 | November 8th

      Um Luna… You comfy there? Just checkin’ 🤣🤣🤣

      Day 314 | November 9th

      Today I am grateful for fall/winter sunrises. Days are so much shorter and the sun is dipping further towards the horizon, making these spectacular colors pop ❤️

      Day 315 | November 10th

      Today I am grateful for the color and texture you can find in our yard. The Autumn means our hydrangeas are slowly petering out as our weather gets colder and colder.