Day 323 | November 18th

      More from a walk outside – grateful for the last bit of color barely hanging on.

      Day 324 | November 19th

      French Onion Soup

      Day 325 | November 20th

      Much like kids – all it takes is an empty box for entertainment!

      Day 326 | November 21st

      Thankful for all the crazy faces this kid makes ❤️

      Day 327 | November 22nd

      I ordered some fun lights to make our office area more festive. Here is Carter hard at work during school.⁠

      Day 328 | November 23rd

      Thankful that we have finally hit a better groove with remote school. This guy has his ups and downs, but overall things are getting better.⁠
      📚⁠ 📖⁠ 📝⁠

      Day 329 | November 24th

      I spy a cute kitten trying to blend in with the furniture.⁠