Day 337 | December 2nd

      Piano lessons have been really fun to listen to – Gavs is doing Carol of the Bells and Linus and Lucy for his piano this month. ⁠

      Day 338 | December 3rd

      I spy remote school, as seen through the Christmas tree at the edge of our office.⁠ And a Lensbaby photo I pulled together.

      Day 339 | December 4th

      Some really pretty light coming through the window on Mazy today as she patiently sits until I am done 😅

      Day 340 | December 5th

      Anyone elses husband start a fire with a kitchen torch? 🙋‍♀️ 🤦‍♀️

      Day 341 | December 6th

      Snuggles with the Itty Bit – she won’t stick around long on your lap, but she sure is cute when she does!⁠

      Day 342 | December 7th

      Sunrise on my morning run.⁠

      Day 343 | December 8th

      Today’s holiday activity: Decorating Gingerbread “Mansions” that Costco just got in.



      Lensbaby Extras For the Month