Day 29 | January 29th

      Old school. Seattle Super Sonics.

      Day 30 | January 30th

      Stunning sunrise this day. The colors were so vibrant.

      Day 31 | January 31st

      This kiddo rocked his report card and test scores. Asked him for a photo to remember the day by and stuck him next to my favorite window ❤

      Day 32 | February 1st

      A long overdue dinner and catch up with some friends. I met Sarah six years ago when she looked a lot more like a little girl instead of the beautiful young lady she is becoming now. ❤

      Day 33 | February 2nd

      A light dusting of snow and some morning sunshine on this day.

      Day 34 | February 3rd

      We now have a Lacrosse player! So excited to see Gavin learn a new sport

      Day 35 | February 4th

      When we got a light dusting of snow and I played with my Lensbaby Velvet56 and a crystal ball to see how the view from my bedroom would look.