Day 344 | December 9th

      No more glass ornaments with a kitten in the house.⁠

      Day 345 | December 10th

      She’s a little terror, but we love her so much.

      Day 346 | December 11th

      His face πŸ˜… Pretty sure he was saying “Ho! Ho! Ho!” as he put the stuffed ornaments on the tree now that we had to take down all the glass ones and then redecorate so the kitten didn’t keep shattering them.⁠ Then Carter is showing Grandma his Gingerbread Mansion that he has been working on for several days now. We are finding creative ways to keep Grandma in the loop since we are now supposed to follow stay at home orders until January 4th.⁠

      Day 347 | December 12th

      This is the first time my parents and siblings have been together since August and we all live within 20 miles of one another. My middle brother bought property on the other side of the mountains that they will start building on in spring. We all hopped in our separate vehicles to go check it out and got to spend some socially distanced time outdoors catching up.

      The other photos are the top of their new neighborhood and the mountains on my drive.

      This year really has been something else…

      Day 348 | December 13th

      Another socially distanced play date that included hot cocoa and blankets while watching Charlie Brown Christmas through the window πŸ˜‚β  Then another fun happy hour – This week was a Cranberry Bourbon with Rosemary Sage infused simple syrup. I actually pulled together a cute little display tray to leave on their front porch and I had to document my one off moment of creativity, haha!⁠

      Day 349 | December 14th

      There are about a hundred things that need to be done differently in this image (light placement, model placement, in camera color profile, etc). But what this image shows is I figured out how to trigger the AlienBees I just bought! And that was about all I had time to to do for this day, haha. In 2021 I will figure out a studio set-up and off camera flashπŸ˜„β 
      And thanks to my big brother for the screamin’ deal on the equipment!⁠

      Day 350 | December 15th

      Practicing his “This is so amazing!” look for when he opens Christmas presents 🀣