Day 351 | December 16th

      Thankfully this is not a real candle! The Itty Bit sure was having fun checking it out.⁠

      Day 352 | December 17th

      This is how we have been rolling lately. Boys in class, me trying to catch up on all the photo stuff I have been neglecting. It’s messy, but it’s life. I am so glad that I converted our dining room into an office this year – it has helped having a common space where the kids are online and I am nearby if needed.⁠

      Day 353 | December 18th

      Friday Happy Hour drink: Reindeer Bubbles! ⁠

      Celebrating the start of holiday break with some champagne, pomegranate infused simple syrup, pomegranate seeds complimented by a green sugar rim! YAY FOR HOLIDAYS!⁠

      Day 354 | December 19th

      A holiday moustache from a holiday drink!

      Day 355 | December 20th

      Presents wrapped!

      Day 356 | December 21st

      Christmas cookie decorating! One of the most enjoyable times we have had this holiday season. There was so much laughing, creativity and joy on this night. It was a highlight of our December ❤️ Nothing makes holiday cookie decorating more festive than SNOW! When we were almost done with decorating, we looked outside and saw that it was snowing ❄️ We ended up with about an inch and a half in total and it was magical. Gavs and I walked around our neighborhood and it truly felt like a winter wonderland.

      Day 357 | December 22nd

      Snowy sunrise complete with rays of light through our trees ❤️