Day 358 | December 23rd

      Chasing the sunrise.
      I had to drop the dog off at the groomers early this morning. The sun was just starting to rise and I found a spot to pull over to get a photo. It really was this vibrant and if you look carefully to the right side of the photo, you can see Mt. Rainier peeking up.

      Day 359 | December 24th

      Christmas Eve

      ▪️We dropped gifts off for our nieces and nephews.
      ▪️ We played Christmas trivia to learn who our neighborhood secret Santa was (our family won trivia!). And then gathered to hear Gavin play Carol of the Bells for everyone on the piano, then we all sang Christmas carols.
      ▪️ My parents joined us for outdoor caroling, hot buttered rum and dinner by the fire outside. We still had snow, making the evening feel so festive. Our dinner order got pushed for delivery on Dec 26th 😳 so we ended up with pizza, haha. (These are low quality screenshot photos from a video I took).
      ▪️ The final photo of the night – everything is ready for Christmas morning!

      Day 360 | December 25th


      I thought as our kids got older they would wake up later. But no.
      That’s when Gavin woke up and Carter was soon after. Guess the excitement was too much!
      ▪️Our Tradition: On the stairs photo before they can go downstairs
      ▪️Before opening gifts
      ▪️The aftermath
      ▪️My new lensbaby Sol45 – so fun and crazy swirls!!
      ▪️Grandma Claus and Grandpa Claus dropping off presents
      ▪️Our amazing sous vide steak dinner, finished off with the kitchen torch/hot pan to sear it

      Day 361 | December 26th

      Our days are dark really early and our house is filled with candles to make it warm and cozy. Plus we always hope for snow!⁠

      Day 362 | December 27th

      Because of the no-gather requirements in our county, all play dates have to be outside. These two best friends needed a break from all the running and jumping, so they decided to play Connect four on the front porch as it was getting dark out.

      Day 363 | December 28th

      “Connect Four Mom”

      Day 364 | December 29th

      This kid has been roller skating every afternoon until it is too dark to see!

      Day 365 | December 30th

      Itty Bitty the Kitty found the warmest place in the house to snooze tonight ❤️

      Day 366 | December 31st

      2020 has certainly been a year to remember. We walked away feeling thankful overall. Jeremy was able to easily work from home, remote school isn’t ideal but the boys have adjusted, we are healthy, our friends and family are healthy, we have used the time to slow down in our lives and be more present with each other. Of course there were ups and downs through it all with missing sports/social activities/travel, but when we looked back we saw strengthened friendships within our “pod” as well as a tighter bond within our little family. ⁠

      This also marks my last photo of 2020. This is the fourth 365 project I have completed and I am so glad to have the year documented. There were lots of big and little moments throughout the year that would have gone unnoticed without this project keeping track. Thanks for coming on the journey with me if you have followed along. And I will be continuing on with my fifth 365 in 2021!⁠

      Happy New Year everyone!