Day 36 | February 5th

      Last basketball practice of the season!

      Day 37 | February 6th

      So. Much. Rain.

      Day 38 | February 7th

      Luna posing in the window.

      Day 39 | February 8th

      After going to a Try Lacrosse event, we now have TWO lacrosse players in our house! And we saw the sun ❤🥍

      Day 40 | February 9th

      We finally saw the sun for the day! Winter is the PNW is no joke – the rain, grey and short days leave you feeling tired and blah. And you will never find a group of people who appreciate the sun more!

      Day 41 | February 10th

      Indoor soccer three days in a row was celebrated by a dinner out! I am so incredibly lucky to be coaching an amazing group of boys who are supported by the most wonderful families. ❤⚽️
      [Forgot my big camera, so only a phone photo to document it]

      Day 42 | February 11th

      Coffee in lovely morning light 😍☕