Day 43 | February 12th

      Gavins first Lacrosse practice. He loved it and had a blast!! He is in blue, running on offense ❤🥍 ❤

      Day 44 | February 13th

      Bedtime fun – Gavin posed for five minutes before I tucked him in tonight.

      Day 45 | February 14th

      Valentines Rose’s 🌹

      Day 46 | February 15th

      Who knew four lemon drops could cost $70 😳


      Day 47 | February 16th

      Pogo Stick World Championship. These four crack me up with their ‘training’ to get them to the highest number of jumps.

      Day 48 | February 17th

      Golfing since it wasn’t pouring down rain. Though the course was soggy and it was freezing cold. 🏌️‍♂️⛳

      Day 49 | February 18th

      Flying past Mt. Rainier never gets old.