Day 50 | February 19th

      A full day at California Adventure means lots of photos. ♥️ Our Family
      ♥️ Gavins first time on the Incredicoaster (he LOVED it) And those faces 🤣
      ♥️ Waiting in line for Guardians of the Galaxy
      ♥️ One of the holding rooms for Guardians
      ♥️ Gavin wasn’t so sure about this ride – after he went on it he was freaked, but powered through another time and loved it after that!
      ♥️ Peter Quill … because he is one of the Chrises 🤣 (and I had to look up plural of Chris to spell that correctly, haha)
      ♥️ Delicious treats towards the end of the day
      ♥️ The eyes on these boys!

      Day 51 | February 20th

      A day spent in Uncle Mark & Auntie Kimmy’s pool 🏊‍♂️

      Day 52 | February 21st

      Another pool day for this guy. Vacationing sure is hard!

      Day 53 | February 22nd

      When you use the red pepper shaker after your older brother 😳 He made up for it with an amazing Markihana dinner afterwards!

      Day 54 | February 23rd

      Disneyland: The reality of the happiest place on Earth 🤣🤣
      We had a great time with Cousin Nikki exploring the new Star Wars land at Disneyland and for the most part it was a great time. 📷 <combo phone photos/big camera photos>

      Day 55 | February 24th

      Home sweet home. I always forget we live in such a beautiful part of the world.

      Day 56 | February 25th

      The day after returning from vacation means this guy gets a workout.