Day 57 | February 26th

      Signs of Spring 💐🌷

      Day 58 | February 27th

      Friendship with these two ladies brings me so much joy – we laugh, we cry and more than anything we support each other through it all. I could not be more fortunate ♥️

      Day 59 | February 28th

      I didn’t like the photo I took today so I decided to show some of the details of Star Wars Land at Disneyland instead. The experience was completely immersive and the attention to detail was insane. You couldn’t see the rest of the park and it was like you were in the movie. And the new ride was CRAAAAZY (don’t want to spoil it, so not saying a word!)

      Day 60 | February 29th

      Leap day laziness. Watched a fun movie after playing hard today.

      Day 61 | March 1st

      Sunday early morning bowling 🎳

      Day 62 | March 2nd

      This guys doesn’t get homework often, but he sure is a champ at getting it done right away when he does! 📚

      Day 63 | March 3rd

      Our school district closed for one day for emergency school disinfecting due to the coronavirus. Our teachers went to training on “remote learning” just in case. Both kids did remarkably well getting their assignments done. Extra play time was a definite plus too.