Day 29 | January 29th

      I joined a new photography network called the Creators Journal, where fellow photographers from all over the world have a more intimate space to share their work. We decided to have a zoom meeting for anyone who could attend to “meet” and after chatting with all of these wonderfully creative people, I realized I needed to take my lensbaby lenses out more. So I grabbed my camera this afternoon and headed out on a walk around our neighborhood. Since I am shooting in black and white, I wanted contrast, textures and repetition. I was pretty happy when I found this little guy.


      Day 30 | January 30th

      Gavin has been practicing these ninja spin jump kicks all day, so I finally set up a black background with my off camera flash and had him run across the bonus room over and over again while I tried to nail focus. It is harder than you think – I tried to pre-focus, but that requires him staying on the same plane as where I set my focus, so there are a lot of photos that are soft. But then I nailed this one and he was doing a random jump that was SO high. I love it ❤


      Day 31 | January 31st

      Ian and Keegan got us Cards Against Humanity Family Edition for Christmas and we have laughed and laughed each time we play. There are a lot of references to bodily functions, body parts and all sorts of grossness. But it is so much fun!

      And today it’s a wrap for my black and white month!


      Day 32 | February 1st

      I decided to try to photograph the color red for the first week of February. So what better than Valentines Kisses? Set this up with a flash too, trying to get the red super bright, but the white not blown out.


      Day 33 | February 2nd

      I got a haircut. And the amount of hair that was cut could create a medium sized animal. I wanted something fun and sassy – I got it!

      For this self portrait, I wanted to incorporate the mirror, the door and I was thinking movement, but I decided to keep it with just shapes as to not overly complicate the photo. I had OCF set up to photo right, up high, pointing down at me. And for my red … my bright red scarf!


      Day 34 | February 3rd

      Gavin wore a red shirt today and promised me a photo. By the time we were able to take one, the light was fading fast and he was not happy to help out.


      Day 35 | February 4th

      I bought some red tulips at the store this week, knowing I wanted to photograph them. I used my Lensbaby Velvet 56, OCF on camera left and a black background. And now I am really ready for Spring.